"Letter to the editor"

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 23:00

From the Knik Arm Courier, Jan. 11, 1961:


For the benefit of the residents of Eagle River:

“After reading the letter to the editor in the last Courier, it has been decided to put many people aware of the facts concerning the Eagle River Fire Department.

The Eagle River Community Improvement Association has purchased and has clear title to a 750 gallon fire truck, fully equipped, and in excellent operating condition.

The purpose of the above mentioned Fire Dept., is go give the most adequate protection possible to all subscribers within our boundaries.

We do not profess to be traffic directors, attend any accidents or carry injured citizens to hospitals. We do no use sirens on automobiles, lights or other obvious attire. We do give credit to those who have given their time and efforts to all these worthy causes.

The only siren for our organization is located atop the Lampost Inn because it is the highest building in the area with no obstructions.

The siren is sounded if a fire call is made to the Lampost Inn, at HO-2-5497, or HO-2-5406. On alternate Mondays, the siren is sounded to call a community meeting for all the citizens in our area. The sounding of the siren on a meeting night is at 7:30 p.m. with a single one-minute blast. This serves two purposes, the most important to test the siren twice monthly, lest there be a mechanical failure. The calling sound for fire is ten (10) wailing blasts.

We do not desire to infringe on anyone’s so-called territory, but are trying to lessen their burden. Progress can be seen in the area called Eagle River. With a new school soon coming, might we add, it’s a wonderful feeling to have a Fire Company that will be close at hand.”



Dave Pippel


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