"Asplund shoots down school site swap proposal"

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - 23:00

From the Knik Arm Courier, May 17, 1972:


Borough Chairman John Asplund shot down a proposal to exchange land at the Chugiak Carnival Grounds for the present Chugiak Elementary School site. Both the School Board and the Planning Commission had approved the swap.

Robert Kallenberg, local member of the Planning Commission, and Ed Willis, Assemblyman from this area, expressed shock and amazement at Asplund’s action in disregarding the recommendation of two official arms of the borough government as well as the wishes of the residents of this area served by the Chugiak Elementary School to use the carnival site.

Willis was unhappy the Assembly was not given an opportunity to review the complete minutes of the Planning Commission hearing last week. It was as a result of testimony presented at this hearing that the Commission made their recommendation that the Carnival Grounds should be given approval for the school location.

It has been held by both Willis and Kallenberg that the reasons listed for opposing the site are based on inaccurate information. Willis said that when the matter is brought up again, he will amend the motion to read that the Carnival Ground land be considered.

In the meantime, Willis has asked both Asplund and Bob Morris, Borough Director, to come out to Chugiak sometime during the intervening week and inspect both the present Chugiak Elementary School site and the land being offered by CBA (Chugiak Benefit Association) at the Chugiak Carnival Grounds.

The outcome was a new Chugiak Elementary School was built on the old Chugiak Carnival Grounds. The original Chugiak School became the site for Chugiak Children’s Services (CCS) and the Elsie Oberg Center, which serves the Obedience Training Center of Chugiak (OTCC) and the Chugiak-Eagle River Historical Society.


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