The Subject of 'Aero Space'

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 23:00

From the Dec. 14, 1962 issue of ‘The Eagle,’ a local weekly paper published by Shirley Mauldin in the early 1960s:


Our local School Superintendent, Chuck Smith, attended an informational meeting held at Elmendorf AFB last Tuesday, Dec. 11, 1962, dealing with the subject of aero space. A large group of educators, military personnel and other interested individuals attended the meeting to acquaint themselves with this “up and coming” science subject.

At the present, only two high schools in Alaska have aero space programs. This is at Eielson and Copper Valley. There are not enough qualified instructors in this lab science subject to add the course to all the schools.

However, a workshop is being planned for next summer so that teachers and other interested persons may learn of this science. “Aero space” is defined as any mode of travel in space.

In the future, it is quite possible that this subject will become part of the curriculum in both grad and high schools.


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