Easing traffic congestion

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 23:00
Increased business leads to increased traffic problems

Eagle River is growing.

That’s good news for all, of course.

It means additional business options, a healthier economy plus a wider variety of choices for local residents.

It also means heavier traffic patterns, thicker congestion and increased risk of fender benders.

Especially in problem pockets around the city, namely the Artillery Road intersection exiting the Glenn Highway and Business Boulevard exchanges.

Both areas show existing traffic backup during rush hour. As the Chugiak-Eagle River population increases, daily traffic will also increase.

The Eagle River Traffic Mitigation Project strives to reduce such problems.

Currently in early stages, the project outlines solutions for steadier, more-evenly flowing traffic patterns around the central business district (or, as traffic analytics call it, CBD).

The connections in questions are those between Business Boulevard and the intersection of Eagle River Road and Old Glenn Highway.

The above mentioned locations were identified as potential high priority problem areas in the “2010 Eagle River Central Business District and Residential Core Circulation Study.”

According to Anne Brooks, public involvement coordination for the Eagle River Traffic Mitigation project, the team has developed conceptual alignments between Eagle River Road and Business Boulevard.

The actual construction won’t start for several years.

The next step, said Brooks, is to develop a design study report.

The report, expected to be completed in July, will target areas such as underground utility needs and right of way comparisons.

One of the goals, Brooks said, is to spread the traffic and alleviate some of the congestion on the Old Glenn Highway while encouraging vehicle and pedestrian traffic around the business district.

The state has appropriated $8.5 million for the project.

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