Thank You, Top

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 23:00

William “Top” Dill is an extraordinary human being who selfishly pours himself into every student within the NJROTC program at Chugiak High School. He has been a Naval Science Instructor there since 1992, which has resulted in dramatically impacting the lives of over 5000 students.

Unlike other classes, within NJROTC the students spend class time with the instructors and they have drill, promotions, competitions, and so much more.

It’s really such a phenomenal program and we have Top to thank for making it truly special.

I am more than confident that his interest, attention, direction, and compassion for kids who have come through the NJROTC has changed their lives forever.

My son enrolled in NJROTC midway through his freshman year. He’s not an athlete so he never really had a group to identify with.

NJROTC provides that connection, that sense of belonging that so many kids don’t have and yet that is essential.

Top helps boys become strong, confident, focused men and guides girls to become self-assured, disciplined and capable women.

Top retires this year and can do so with intense pride in the legacy he has selflessly created.

Thank you, Top, from the very top of my heart.


— Dr. Barbara Eaton

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