Give Eagle River football a chance

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 23:00

Eagle River High School has hired a new football coach who teaches in the building that, in my opinion, is a number one prerequisite to a successful football program.

I believe there is one other consideration to the success of this program. Parents, school officials and the school district should seriously consider moving Eagle River High School to the Railbelt Conference with schools its own size (Palmer, Wasilla, Lathrop, etc.).

Since the school’s inception, the football program has had six wins in eight years and only three against Cook Inlet opponents. All of the schools in the Railbelt Conference are between 800-1200 students so your chances of being successful have just improved.

In the Railbelt you would have five conference games so you can still schedule three games with the Cook Inlet Conference. And, yes, you could still play Chugiak every year, which you would do just because of the rivalry.

I feel I need to relay a little history about Chugiak High School’s program in the 1970s. We only won 15 games in our first 10 years and lost 54 because we had no other league to go to in those days so we had to compete the best we could. Because the population grew over the years, Chugiak had its first winning season in 1979 (5-2-1) and won 53 games in the next 10 years including three championships, two of which were undefeated.

Please consider this option and give your children/students a chance to experience success.


— Tom Huffer, Sr.

Former Head Football Coach

Chugiak High School

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