Thanks for the extra effort

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - 23:00

Life is full of opportunities and challenges. Where we go and what we

seek can give us courage, strength, and endurance or defeat if we allow. A young man in our community was faced with a big challenge and a hero in our town stepped up and made a 3-point basket.

The young man sold an important item on eBay. PayPal informed him the funds were ready to deposit into his account when he provided the shipping tracking number. He was excited about the success and informed PayPal of the requested number. He then received a “Regret to inform you the sale has been canceled” message.

The package was shipped through the United States Postal Service Eagle River Office. It was after hours, the young man felt defeated and could hardly believe someone could be so dishonest.

His family encouraged him to call the post office to see if they might suggest any options.

Not only did Todd Weaver answer the phone almost an hour after closing, he retrieved the package.

The young man’s eyes were big and round and he saw good triumph over evil. His family has grateful hearts and said, “Todd, you deserve a small town hero award for going the extra mile and making that slam dunk basket and restoring a young man’s hope. May God bless you.


— Joy Leedham

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