Tristyn Hall headed for Colorado

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - 23:00
Chugiak soccer star signs to university
Tristyn Hall competes on the soccer field during last year’s regular conference play. Hall will play for Colorado Christian University next year.

In the world of high school sports, it is as much personality as it is athleticism that dictates which seniors will be scooped up by universities vying for fresh talent. It is no surprise the upbeat, buoyant personality of soccer talent Tristyn Hall has been approached by several universities in the past year.

Hall, a forward on the Chugiak High School soccer team – a team nationally recognized for being the origin of Kelly Cobb, an all-star forward on the Women’s World Cup Team – just signed with Colorado Christian University to play with the women’s soccer team in the fall. The star player at Chugiak attended a week-long soccer camp at CCU last summer, before making her decision.

CCU is not among the colleges with top stats in women’s soccer, but Hall says the combination of the quality of education, the locality to family and CCU’s Coach Renee Lopez far outweighed stats when she was making her decision.

“Coach Lopez brought on 13 freshman last year and eight this year. They’re all top notch players,” said Hall. “I feel confident my team won’t give up even if we don’t have the best stats.”

Hall had the opportunity to meet three of the eight incoming freshman at soccer camp and felt they really connected on the field.

“I adore each of them, and we played really well together,” said Hall, whose shining attribute is being a team player.

Looking at Hall’s track record, one would think her goals are strictly aimed toward playing soccer in a national arena. Her tournament history is loaded with soccer clubs, camps and championship games in Texas, where she resided before moving to Alaska five years ago. In fact, she spent her sophomore year back in Texas playing for the Elite Clubs National League, FC Dallas U16 Girls.

Playing in the ECNL is a great way to be seen by university scouts, and evidently they saw her. Hall said she ended that year with offers from several different universities.

“But CCU was always my number one choice” said Hall who has a large network of extended family in Colorado. “I love coach Lopez and the idea of getting to be around so much family again. It’s a privilege not everyone gets.”

Family – in Colorado, Texas and Alaska – is an important element in Hall’s life and a big part of the decisions she’s made about her soccer and education ambitions. Her father, Aaron Hall, has played a large role in her career to date.

“We do a lot of training together,” said Hall, who has seen his daughter throw herself at the sport since she was three-years-old. “We go over every game, every play, what she did right, what she can do better.”

He sees his daughter’s strongest attributes as being fearless and determined, and being a strong leader.

Hall said her key strength is her ability to tactically rather than technically see the game.

“Kelly Cobb was always really good at seeing the game from a technical angle and I tactically see the game,” said Hall, who got to play alongside Cobb her freshman year. “Kelly was a great role model. I got to score off a corner kick from her once.

“Hallelujah!” she sang with a laugh.

Chugiak soccer coach Paul Brehmer is thrilled to have Hall on the team for another season.

“She’s one of those players who’s always going to give her 100 percent,” said Brehmer. “Even when she plays a position she doesn’t normally play, she never complains. She never holds back. If she could be in the game the entire time, she would be.”

For Hall, who has also been on the student council, was voted class president and been a volunteer for the Special Olympics, being in the game the entire time is not necessarily her career goal.

“My goal has always been college, and nothing further, so I’m very excited to see where my career goes, where God will guide me,” Hall said, who holds a 4.0 grade point average.

“The funny thing with my goals is, I don’t have specific career goals,” Hall said. “I’m thinking I’d like to work in third world countries for a while and then come back here and jump into politics – make change. My heart is really in the countries that need the most help.”

Hall, who plans on majoring in global studies and political science, has been awarded an $8,000 soccer scholarship and a $10,000 academic scholarship to CCU.

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