It's Scholarship Time

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 23:00

As graduation time nears so do thoughts of going to college.

How am I going to pay for it, is a discussion that many kids are having with their parents. One way to off set the growing cost of college is to apply for scholarships. There are numerous non-profit organizations, such as the Elks Club, Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce, VFW, Women in Business and a number of others. These organizations offer scholarships to those attending high school in our area. Whether you attend Chugiak or Eagle River High School, private high schools or are home schooled, you are eligible to be recipients of these scholarships. Many groups are going to the high schools within the next couple of weeks to review these folder, so the sooner that you submit your scholarship folder the more organizations are able to take a look at them.

We ask that you follow the Anchorage School District format when you are submitting your folder. You can find that at We need all scholarship folders to be submitted to the school that you are zoned for, i.e. if you are homeschooled in the Eagle River High School zone, then submit your folder to Eagle River High School. That will allow your folder will be reviewed by as many committees as possible. If you have any questions regarding Lions’ scholarships you can contact us through our website

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