Vote to repeal SB 21

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 23:00

Lots of voices claiming the gospel of oil taxes. By August voter decisions are likely to boil down to whose gospel voters trust. Has Rick Mystrom forgotten that five legislators were found guilty of bribery charges related to the VECO scandal and their “yes” votes on a bill quite similar to the legislation he is defending today?

Years before the FBI arrests, when Alaska was running deficits, I warned every Alaskan that VECO executives were bribing our legislators to keep Alaska’s taxes below what other societies get for their oil. All we needed was to stop the bribery and get our fair share to balance our budget. Thanks to ACES our budget went from in the red to in the black and we now have billions in the bank. But that won’t last long if Rick Mystrom gets his way. SB 21 will make a handful of rich Alaskans a lot richer while bankrupting the rest of us. History has proven that I was telling the truth when few would risk confronting the powerful forces of corruption gripping this state. If you want dividends to continue, if you don’t want an income tax, if you want a Permanent Fund sufficient to sustain a viable economy when the oil runs out, trust me and vote yes to repeal SB 21 next August.


— Ray Metcalfe


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