"Chugiak gets organized"

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 23:00

From the files of the old Chugiak Community Club:


In the early part of 1953, this small community found itself attempting to support several clubs and local organizations by various types of fund drives. By this time, the community was six years old. It had a Boy Scout troop and one den of a cup pack located in Mountain View. The Chugiak Elementary School had a new building and an active PTA. The homemakers of the area had organized the Chugiak Homemakers and the Chugiak Community Club was still active in community leadership. It was evident that with the various clubs and organizations attempting to support themselves in the small community, many members and supporters of the group would find themselves spending most of their time and effort on various fundraising projects.

Sparked by the Chugiak Community Club, which immediately recognized the problem since most of its members belonged to one or more of the other organizations, a community meeting was held to see if there was some way to either consolidate all the fund drives in one massive effort or to schedule fund drives to avoid conflicts. The result was the first Chugiak Spring Carnival, held in June 1953 in the area where the Eagle River School is now located. Then the area was a big gravel pit. All of the organizations in the community joined efforts to erect stands and booths and manned them for the three-day fair. Roger Riddel, president of Chugiak PTA, was chairman of the project. All participating groups were to receive shares of the profits in accordance with the amount of work their group contributed. The weather cooperated and the tired residents found that the carnival had been a huge success.


To be continued next week.


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