Community, excellence and respect

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 23:00

As I drive to work, I pass by my favorite coffee shop as I travel down the familiar roads of Eagle River. Eagle River holds many of my dear memories, from childhood to recent years. As a graduate of Chugiak High School, I appreciate the excellent education I received from teachers, as well as, my community. One of my first jobs at a local photo shop taught me the importance of community and the comfort of seeing familiar faces. That strong sense of community is at the heart of my teaching at Eagle River High School. I began my journey to become an educator right here in my hometown of Eagle River, pursued my BA and Masters at UAA. I am a product of our public schools and our state university.

As a high school special educator, I look around my classroom and I marvel at the young minds! I celebrate student success with students, families and colleagues every day. I am blessed to be teaching in the community that taught me. As an educator, I am blessed to be supported by many parents and students standing up for public schools. Your children are blessed to have teachers teaching with enthusiasm and vigor, amidst the uncertainty of lay-offs.

I would like to thank all the supporters of public schools, parents and students for their voices and the Alaska Legislators for pulling the Senate Joint Resolution 9 from the floor (for now). Continued support is needed, as the Base Student Allocation (BSA) has remained unchanged for years. An increase in the BSA is necessary to maintain the excellent schools in our community, thereby fostering a sense of community, excellence and respect to build our future, one student at a time.


— Sonia Grasse

Eagle River

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