Bill Starr is a must for a second term

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 23:00

Bill Starr has merit, sound principles, is focused and determined.

Bill is passionate and committed to his job and to the community he represents. Bill is all about facts; he does not have an “if it feels good, do it” mentality. He listens, researches, gathers facts and fosters feedback built from facts and merits as to the benefit to the community as a whole and not just an individual.

We needed some answers regarding a local issue. We made contact with Amy Demboski our local assembly representative. She recognized the need for knowledge in city process so called on Bill Starr for assistance based on his tenure with the Anchorage Assembly but also for his knowledge of the Planning and Zoning process. Literally within minutes Bill was in our driveway, he listened, acknowledged our concern, advised he would research for Planning & Zoning process compliance as well as city and local code compliance and would get back with us.

No promises were made other than he promised to investigate, question and demand answers. He did just that.

Bottom line, Bill is knowledgeable, experienced, committed and most importantly a true friend to our community.

Let’s put Bill Starr back in as our assemblyman.


— Kevin McNamara


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