"Chugiak gets organized, part II"

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 23:00

At the next community meeting, it was decided to continue the carnival as an annual event. The sponsor of the event would be an association of all fraternal and community organizations. Members of the association would consist of all residents of the area. The name would be Chugiak Benefit Association. The directors of CBA would be elected by the membership. The purpose of CBA was to coordinate fund drives and assist member groups in supporting themselves. All groups were to share in proceeds of the CBA.

For the next annual carnival, the area where the present Chugiak Elementary School is located was obtained from the Department of Land Management. The land was used to motorcycle racing, club outings, and rodeo events as well as carnivals. CBA was required to return as benefits, any funds remaining after operating costs were deducted.

There followed two or three more carnivals before the community became large enough and mature enough to support the various groups without the guiding hand of CBA. However, it was never dissolved and the principle for which it was organized, community benefit, has not been changed. It remains the emblem of community effort and the trustee of community benefit.


Note: Today CBA is mainly involved as landlord of the two buildings that were Chugiak Elementary and now house Chugiak Children’s Center (HeadStart) and the dog obedience training center, plus the Chugiak-Eagle River Historical Society. There are rooms available that organizations may rent for meetings or special events.

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