First-time Assembly candidate thoughts

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 23:00

My name is Sharon Gibbons and I am running for the Municipal Assembly District 2 Seat C to bring new energy and advocacy on behalf of the constituents living in Birchwood, Chugiak, Eagle River and Eagle River Valley, Eklutna, JBER, northeast Muldoon and Peters Creek.

Although I may not have had an opportunity to speak with you personally, while door knocking I have listened to many of the serious concerns of community members. What I’ve learned from our conversations is that everyone wants to our community to move forward in a way that all opinions are heard. Once a consensus is reached there is an expectation that the elected official will work hard to manifest those ideas into fruition.

I believe that the Assembly has an opportunity and an obligation to stand up for our education system; ensure there are economic opportunities available; and support development that is not detrimental to our pristine parks and waterways.

I am hardworking and effective. I care about fiscal responsibility and controlled spending. It’s my intent to use a common sense approach in setting priorities so our community can thrive. I will diligently work to keep our community secure by adequately funding public safety. I will work to ensure our public schools are appropriately funded and I’ll promote learning environments that help our future leaders excel.

It is the responsibility of elected officials to listen to their constituents. I will not allow citizens to be deprived of their right to testify on important issues. I believe all citizens have a basic right of speech and it should be respected. As your elected representative, you can count on me to listen.

I encourage you to contact me at any time to discuss your concerns about issues in our community. I will always be accessible to you.

With the support of your vote, I am committed to assuring that the process of community involvement, consensus and good faith effort is the means in which we move forward together.


— Sharon Gibbons

Chugiak-Eagle River Assembly candidate

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