Police target DUI drivers

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 23:00

Anchorage Police Department made 20 driving under the influence arrests from March 14-March 18 during the Saint Patrick’s Day weekend.

According to APD, five additional officers conducted DUI patrols each night during the weekend timeframe.

Funding for additional patrols was provided through a grant from the Alaska Highway Safety Office.

Only four DUI arrests were made on St. Patrick’s Day, which is significantly lower than last year’s holiday, when 18 DUI arrests were made.

Other St. Patty’s holiday weekend DUI arrest facts include:

• The highest breath-alcohol concentration (BrAC) was .252. The lowest was .102.

• Several DUI arrests involved multiple and single vehicle collisions (fortunately none of them resulting in major injuries). 

• In three of the DUI arrests, the drivers reported they had been drinking at an establishment which provides patrons with free cab vouchers. 

• The youngest suspected DUI driver was 19; the oldest was 55.

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