A big and powerful sound

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 18:37


It began with “Crazy” and ended with “Get Here.”

In between ran a wild and exhilarating journey for Eagle River resident Cierra Mickens, whose reign on “The Voice” came to a halt on March 31.

Mickens, 23, whose deep and powerful voice carries a rasp of soul, gave an almost perfect performance during the second round of battles.

Unfortunately, team coach and judge Usher favored T.J. Wilkins’ rendition of the duo’s song choice, “Get Here” by Oleta Adams.

Cierra, wearing black with a bright reddish-orange jacket, started off the duet with her voice strong and deep and soft.

T.J. countered with his own deep and strong sound.

It was an even yet restrained performance by both performers.

“I’m so proud of you, Cierra. And T.J., you’re a phenomenal singer,” judge Shakira said. “It was perfect.  I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Judge Blake countered that thought. “Cierra, it was perfect. And T.J., your voice was so good, it cuts through,” he said.

It was Usher’s decision though, and he chose T.J., remarking that he did so in part because of how he excelled during a traditionally female-centered song. 

“I figured that this would be a comfort zone for Cierra but shockingly, T.J. made it his own,” he said.

Mickens, looking visibly disappointed yet poised, thanked everyone for taking a chance on her.

“I know that I have things to work on but more than that, I’m glad this is the place I got started,” she said.


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