A swimming effort

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 23:00
Students honored with prestigious award
Cadets were recently awarded with the Cadet Meritorious Achievement Ribbon. From left to right: Commander Butler, Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI), Cadet Ethan Espe, Cadet Paul Cockreham and MSgt Wm “TOP” Dill, (NSI).

An 11-year-old child is alive today thanks to the quick thinking of two local Chugiak High School Naval Junior ROTC students.

Cadets Ethan Espe and Paul Cockreham were on lifeguard duty at the Anchorage Community YMCA on March 19 when the 11-year-old child was discovered unconscious in the pool.

The child had also stopped breathing.

Cockreham and Espe immediately dove into the pool and extracted the child. They then utilized a backboard while performing complex rescue skills.

Once the child was removed from the water, Cockreham ensured emergency medical services while Espe attended to the unconscious child until rescue personnel arrived.

Both cadets were awarded with the Cadet Meritorius Achievement Ribbon.

According to Master Sergeant William “TOP” Dill, the Meritorius Ribbon is the highest award that can be given worldwide to a NJROTC cadet.

“The Meritorious Achievement Ribbon is awarded to any NJROTC Cadet who distinguishes him/herself only be outstanding meritorious achievement or performance of a meritorious act,” he said.

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