Say no to No Trespassing sign

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 23:00

This is in regarding the ‘No Trespassing’ sign posted on the gate of the path that leads to the Wallace Brothers LLC property.

What I am saying is I and many others have been using this path for over 10 years and have never seen a No Trespassing sign posted on this path before.

I use this path for more direct access to Fire Creek Valley and Ptarmigan Valley than the Mt. Baldy summit trail.

It is my understanding of Alaska State law and Federal law that if a private property owner(s) allow(s) public access to their property for 10 years or more a public prescriptive easement is established.

Once such an easement is established. it cannot be denied.

More over the Wallace Brothers Mountain LLC is compelling people to sign a petition to request that their lands be annexed by the Chugach State Park in order to acquire a permit to use the public’s prescriptive easement. They are trying to force an all or nothing deal and extort the park for as much as 10 times the tax assessed value of their land. Please see They are also threatening to deny access to the public’s prescriptive easement entirely at the end of August this year if their land is not acquired by the Chugach State Park. This is clearly an act of desperation.

My understanding is the park plan calls for the acquisition of some of Wallace Brothers Mountain LLC in order to secure access to the park at this location. My conservative contention is that no such acquisition is needed. Simply an affirmation of the public’s prescriptive easement should be all that is required to secure access.

It is also my understanding that the easements travel with the land. This means that even if they sell the land to a developer the developer cannot deny access to the public’s prescriptive easement.

Wallace Brothers Mountain LLC is engrossed in a campaign of flagrant misinformation and manipulation of the trusting public.


— Roman Romanovski

Eagle River

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