Oh, the possibilities

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 23:00

In October, I stumbled upon a new business in Eagle River and it just keeps getting better. Some of you may have known the spot as Harry’s Auto many years ago, or as Napa Auto or the Eagle River Candy Store. Now it is a lovely antique and vintage business called “The Possibilities Shop.”

Every time I stop in I see new items reminiscent of years gone by. Even my grown daughter loves to stop in when she comes to visit from Anchorage. The shop is nicely arranged and very inviting, the front filled with antiques, collectibles and vintage items while the back is gently used items of, shall we say, lesser fame, but still interesting!

It is important when we have new businesses opening in our community that we support them. Edie, the owner, is a happy, welcoming soul so please stop in to visit some day soon. You’ll love what you see.


— Darlene Dunn

Eagle River

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