Spring thaw reveals surprises and treasures

Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 07:05

Spring might finally be here. I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival since the temperature rose above freezing in January. The melting of the snow brought dreams of time outdoors, so this year I feel like I have been waiting forever.

I am very excited about the return of spring. I get to go outside and play in my yard.

I am lucky to have an amazing yard. We bought our house in the winter when snow covered everything. So when the spring thaw came and revealed a bed full of lilies I was in awe. When the scraggly bunch of branches turned into an Alaska Rose bush, I was floored. All over the yard were signs that the previous owner had a love of gardening, and there were delightful surprises everywhere. The yard was full of other beautiful flowers including fireweed, forget-me-nots, and bleeding hearts.

Now that I know what is out there, I can’t wait to get out and play in my yard. I want to tend to what was left to me and I want to add to it. April brings with it an anxiousness to get out my gardening gloves and trowel.

Last week I could not hold back any longer. I went to my favorite greenhouse in search of quick growing seeds. While there I found raspberry bushes that needed to come home with me. Now my sun room is home to a few seedlings my children have planted and two nearly flowering raspberry bushes waiting for the ground to thaw. The anticipation for the weather to finally be warm enough to plant is palpable.

My husband is also ready to begin outdoor work. He is waiting for the last of the snow in our front yard to melt so that he can remove the gravel from the yard. This is a chore that was new to both of us when we moved here.

I recall the spring when my husband was deployed. I would go in my yard to play with my kids. While out there I would notice all the hard work my neighbors were putting into their yards. Before long, I noticed that my yard stuck out as the least cared for around. The front half was covered in gravel left from the piles of gravel and snow the street plow had left in my yard. I wished to get rid of this blight. Not knowing what I was doing, I went outside with my rake and began to try to rake the gravel out of the grass. After a couple days of this futile effort, I came home to my neighbor and his power sprayer washing the gravel into the street. We still rely on Mr. Bill’s power sprayer, but now that my husband is home he tackles this chore himself.

I am hoping that we can get out there and begin our yard work over the next week. I am hoping that we don’t have a repeat of last year’s May snow. I am so ready for spring and the new growing season.

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