Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 23:00

Congratulations to former Eagle River resident LCDR James “Jimmy K” Kenshalo, for being selected for the prestigious 2013 Order of Daedalians Exceptional Pilot Award. Kenshalo served as the pilot in command of an MH-65C helicopter during the daring rescue of six hypothermic hikers requiring immediate evacuation from a remote cove near Point Reyes, Calif, late last year.

On a separate mission, he meticulously navigated through two-mile visibility 20 miles offshore to rescue four persons in 20 ft. seas. After managing all cockpit coordination and completing the hoists, Kenshalo and crew returned to Monterey, delivered the survivors to awaiting medical care, and saved all four lives.

Finally, as a unit instructor pilot, Kenshalo played a pivotal role in planning the proof of concept for the units AUF-PWCS capability. His efforts greatly expanded the district commander’s tactical options for utilizing Aviation Use of Force assets.

Kenshalo will be honored in a ceremony in the upcoming months.

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