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Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 23:00
Local students win awards and scholarships
Darci Owens was named Eagle River High School Department Outstanding Senior Resource Student at the 2014 Senior Awards Ceremony April 29.

It was an impressive evening, filled with calculus puns, military humor and a lot of hardworking individuals ready to embark on a new chapter of their lives.

The Eagle River 2014 Senior Awards Ceremony honored students with medals, scholarships and college intent letters.

Mostly, though, it was about academics. And brain power. And students who buckled down, studied hard and took advantage of all high school had to offer.

From Darci Owens, awarded the Outstanding Senior Resource student to Jarrett Oney, who won so many scholarships this journalist lost count to Thomas Jones, who faces the thorny dilemma of choosing between 15 college athletic scholarship offers and Nicholas Roth, who was accepted to West Point, where 25,000 students applied and only 1,100 were accepted, the evening showcased a variety of talents, attitudes and abilities.

And the students had one thing in common: They all strived to succeed, and they all excelled.

Congratulations to the following Eagle River High School seniors for their accomplishments. We commend you for your focus, your dedication and your tenacity to hang in there even when the going became rough.


Summa Cum Laude (GPA above 4.0)

Haley Carr, Dylan Denter, Samuel Erickson, Aaron Feinstein, Alexa Heald, Taylor Holshouser, Kaitlin Mccloud, Jarrett Oney, Kevin Palisoc and Nicholas Roth


Magna Cum Laude (GPA 3.76-4.0)

Sarah Boelter, Edward Hall, Jordan Harley, Summer Hunt, Derek Jensen, Kaitlyn Maker, Olivia Petroccia, Colin Sullivan, Kayla Verango and Elyssa Williams


Cum Laude (GPA 3.5-3.75)

Mason Bennett, Hannah Bolin, Cheyenne Deleon, Kayla Gioffre, Kara Hanks, Catherine Jordan, Josephine Lamere, Robert Leibbrand, Haley Mathis, Jessa Montoya, Samantha Mosholder, Olin Nordahl, Renee Nowicki, Hayden Riebe, Zellejohn Roan, Jordan Scott, Mary Stone, Amanda Strandberg, Emily Thompson, David Waddington, John Zaremba


2014 Valedictorian: Kevin Palisoc


2014 Salutatorian: Jarrett Oney


University of Alaska Scholars

Haley Carr, Dylan Denter, Samuel Erickson, Aaron Feinstein, Edward Hall, Alexa Heald, Taylor Holshouser, Summer Hunt, Derek, Jensen, Harley Jordan, Kaitlin Mccloud, Jarrett Oney, Kevin Palisoc, Nicholas Roth, Colin Sullivan, Kayla Verango


Outstanding Senior

Social studies, Taylor Holshouser; Science, Jarrett Oney; Math, Kevin Palisoc; Language Arts, Samuel Erickson; Career Technology, Mary Jessi Stone; Fine Arts, Zachary Foster; Foreign Languages, Hannah Gersehl; Physical Education, Kyla Meadows and Nicholas Roth; Resource, Darci Owens; Senior Project, Haley Carr


United States Military Academy: Nicholas Roth


GFWC Anchorage Women’s Club: Alexa Heald and Jarrett Oney


Eagle River Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions Club Vi Thomason Memorial Scholarship: Catherine Jordan


Eagle River Rotary Club: Haylee Carr and Aaron Feinstein


Chugiak/Eagle River Foundation Glenn Briggs Scholarship: Jarrett Oney


Knight of Columbus scholarship: Jarrett Oney


ConocoPhillips scholarship: Dylan Denter


Denali Alaska Federal Credit Union scholarship: Jarrett Oney


Chugiak Youth Sports Association scholarship: Aaron Feinstein


Matanuska Electric Association scholarship: Dylan Denter, Jarrett Oney


Richardson Spouses Club scholarship: Dylan Denter, Aaron Feinstein, Alexandria Harder


Elmendorf Officers Spouses Organization scholarship: Dylan Denter, Mary Jessi Stone, Alisa Thiede


United States Army Future Soldiers scholarship: Kristopher Daniel, Curnelius Goldman, Darnell Jansen, Deshon McNeal


Department of the Army US Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award: Kaitlyn Maker, Ed Hall

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