An unlikely but perfect Mother's Day gift

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 23:00

Mother’s Day is this weekend. I have already received my present for this year. I am the proud owner of a new grill.

Last week our toilet was leaking. To tell the truth it had been leaking for a bit, but with a new baby in the house a leaky toilet was not on the top of the priority list. That was until the leak went from a small, slow leak to water-visibly-coming-out-of-the-tank leak.

I am so glad I have a husband who can take care of that kind of thing. I’m more of a “why do it myself when I can pay someone to do it?” My solution would have been to locate the P section of the telephone book.

My husband is a “why pay someone when I can do it myself?” person. His solution was to locate the problem by taking the lid of the tank and looking for what was wrong. Then he took off for the hardware store where he could procure a new screw. Apparently a busted screw was the root of the issue.

The last time we entered the hardware store we were greeted by a display of snow blowers. Now that the weather has changed the display changed with it. My husband was greeted by grills.

Every spring since we have been married, I will drool over the grill displays as my husband and I shop together. I love outdoor cooking, at least in theory. I’ve never actually grilled anything on an outdoor grill. However, I very much want to try. There is something about an outdoor grill that makes food fabulous. I have a variety of indoor electric grills, but it’s just not the same.

Every spring the grills stay in the store. There is always a good reason not to buy. We lived in an apartment and had no room. We would be moving within a year. Always there are other things that need the money.

This year was different. As my husband looked at the grills, he thought of all the food I have promised to grill once I have a grill. He also started thinking about all the wonderful stuff we have done that there are good reasons to wait until later to do. He thought of how much fun we have had not waiting for everything to line up. I’m sure he also thought of just how excited I’d be with a new grill, and that it would make me happy. This year he went to the store for a screw and came home with a grill in addition to the screw.

When he got home excitement over his new purchase, the daunting prospect of hiding a full-sized grill, or eagerness to try the grill out had him calling out to me. I was beckoned to “talk about something he was wanting to do in the driveway.” I arrived to the sight of a gleaming new grill in the back of our truck and a husband with a huge grin on his face saying “Happy Mother’s Day.”

I’m thinking steak sounds good for Mother’s Day dinner this year.

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