"Love those ads"

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 23:00

This ad “Pin Curl Comments” was included in a booklet titled “This Month in Anchorage” printed in Aug. 1958:


Ladies—as you stroll along the streets of Anchorage you have undoubtedly noticed the latest hairstyles from New York, Dallas and Paris displayed on the lovely heads of Anchorage women.

The beauty salons of the Anchorage area are very style conscious and take pride in displaying the latest hairstyles in their salon windows—as well as on the live “models’ themselves.

Fall predictions indicate that each lovely lady will appear in a more feminine style of wispy curls—deep waves—molded closer to the head to accommodate the new Fall fashions.

Have you particularly noticed a lovely redhead or an exquisite silver blonde …you, too may enjoy the luxury of a new personality by changing the shade of your hair. Drop into any of the modern beauty salons in Anchorage—you’ll find a warm greeting in the cheerful “Hello, may I help you?” and you’ll leave feeling more relaxed and beautiful than you ever dreamed of.


An April 1970 ad for Thursday’s movie at the Center Theater in Palmer:


Calling all husbands! Clip this Ad out and if you bring your wife to see this show we’ll admit you FREE.

Hurry up and get the scissors!


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