Military Appreciate Picnic offers a lot to appreciate

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 23:00

One nice thing about being stationed in Alaska is how supportive the local community is to the military and military families. Last week, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce showed their love with their annual Military Appreciation Picnic.

The Chamber knows the secret to winning over troops—free food. There were enough hamburgers and hot dogs there to…well, feed an Army. The food was delicious as well as plentiful. We were served by a slew of volunteers including Lt. Governor Meade Treadwell who put the cheese on my husband’s hamburger.

I heard some activities were cancelled because of the threat of bad weather, but there were still plenty activities for my family and others to enjoy.

For those who didn’t get enough of the earth moving during the 3.9 earthquake earlier that morning, brought an earthquake simulator. My daughter did not want to miss out on any of the fun the picnic had to offer, so we went together. As we started moving I was concerned that she might get scared. No worries, she just laughed the whole time and thought it was fun. I hope that the simulator is my only 8.0 or above earthquake I ever experience; that was some serious shaking.

My daughter also wanted to visit the Krazie Hair Lady. This was a very popular booth, especially for the girls. I totally got it; the locks of brightly colored hair had me thinking it would be cool to get some Bronco orange and blue pig-tails. I tried to convince my son he needed a Bronco themed Mohawk, but neither part of that idea appealed to him. I had to be satisfied with my daughter’s pink and red hair-do.

While waiting in line for Krazie Fantasy Hair, I spied Whitney Miller, local reporter. I had to control my desire to run at her and gush, “Ohmygosh, I see you on TV, wow, and here you are in person, ohmygosh.” I don’t get many chances to meet celebrities, so when I do my inner groupie wants emerge.

I was able to control my groupie-urges until I heard that Cierra Mickens was at the event. I grabbed my newly coiffed daughter so that I could introduce her to the singer. I thought it would be less awkward than if I just went over and gushed by myself. I somewhat forgot that my daughter is five and has the attention span/memory of a five-year-old. Telling my daughter that she was meeting Cierra, from “The Voice,” we saw her sing at the Love Alaska event was plenty uncomfortable. However, Cierra was a sweetheart and even gave my daughter a signed picture.

There was also a K-9 demonstration that looked pretty cool. We only caught the end because we kept running into people we wanted to talk to. A local radio station provided background music. There were emergency vehicles for children to learn about and explore.

All in all, it was a great day, and I appreciate the community who put it together for us.

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