Candy throwing adds sweetness to parade

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 23:00

What a great community we live in where we have the candy parade on the Fourth of July every year. We have a big bash at our place right on the Old Glenn every year and the kids all compete on who will get the most candy. This year the parade had a new participating group in the parade in the classic cars with many old military vehicles.

Someone needs to tell this group the reason it is called the candy parade is because everyone in the parade throws candy. The kids’ bags were a lot less filled as in years past and I would hate to see this diminish.

In a country where political correctness and safety rule the day it is great to see people being plummeted with handfuls of candy thrown from a moving vehicle. It reminds me of days when we were not so uptight. For those who threw handfuls of candy thank you for making memories for so many children today.


— Steve Bergh


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