Thanks for a loving 'letting go'

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 23:00

Thank you to all the staff at Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic here in Eagle River.

You all have served us the past 11 1/2 years with such great care. You treated us as though we were your only patient, providing us with the best care and with great concern, making us feel we were your only patient.

Phoebe loved all of you so much that she started barking a mile away and upon arrival, and we were pulled into the building on a dead run.

Dr. Schmidt, you were the last doctor to help us with Phoebe. We were so blessed to have been in your care at such a time as her final hours. Thank you so much for your gentle leading and in assisting me with the tough decision to let her go, letting me know her future was short and would end in agony. What a relief for me once that decision was made and that you made time for us that same day.

Your kind words of comfort will be remembered and appreciated for a long time to come. Your words stating that letting Phoebe go was “the most loving thing we could do for her “ was greatly appreciated at the time and remains a lingering comfort.

You all at Ravenwood have been a blessing to us with your ministry of joyful greetings, concerned caring, and gentle guidance. God bless you all


— Love Bob and Carol Munk, and Phoebe (in spirit)

Eagle River

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