Williams steps into position as Chugiak cheer coach

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 23:00
New leadership brings stability to the squad
Members of the 2014 Chugiak football cheer squad from front, left include Jessalyn Sheaffer, Shelby Schuler, Savan Colbry-Rook; Alexis Day-Fogarty, Kaitlyn Greenlund, Kaitlan Head, Dawn Banfield; Cara Chapman, Haylee Day-Porter, Melissa Young, Brooke Edwin-Orison, Natalie Musil and Kylee Richey. The coach is Megan Williams.

After six years as mild-mannered math teacher at Chugiak High, returning teacher Megan Williams is embarking on a new role – that of sponsor/coach for the Mustangs football cheer squad.

A high school cheerleader herself back in Washington State, she later cheered for the football team at Santa Clara University in 1992.

Williams brings some stability to the squad, which had three different coaches last season, revealed team members Shelby Schuler and Alexis Day-Fogarty, a pair of returning seniors.

The pair said they appreciate Williams’ organization.

“She gave us the entire season’s schedule and what to work on, and what we’ll be doing,” said Schuler Monday.

Both added that things have been progressing really well.

Day said she likes the dynamics of this year’s squad.

“Everyone is sweet and optimistic. We haven’t had any problems whatsoever,” Day added.

Both recognize that it is their responsibility, and that of the team, to pump up the crowd and elevate the energy level in the stadium.

Historically that has included the girls dropping to the track and pumping out pushups equivalent to the Mustangs’ score. Williams appears good on carrying out the tradition, so the girls better work on some upper body strength.

Although the team only has 13 out presently, Williams said she is open to additional girls, and those guys, wishing to join the team.

While practices were held 9-11 a.m. the first week, the team will be jumping to afterschool hours later this week.

Williams said the team has a strong core of returners in Brooke Edwin-Orrison, Shelby Schuler, Jessalyn Sheaffer and Alexis Day-Fogarty.

Other members currently include Dawn Banfield, Cara Chapman, Savana Cobry-Rook, Haylee Day-Porter, Kaitlyn Greenlund, Kaitlan Head, Natalie Musil, Kylee Richey and Melissa Young.

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