Choose Respect

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 23:00

I worked for the State of Alaska Anchorage Airport eight years. A co-worker got a sexual harassment deal going against the airport director. I got it in the news, radio and TV. I turned it in to EEOC as we had nine cases of human right violations there at the airport. I wrote up a number of EEO reports for the minorities. I mailed the two newspaper articles to the Alaska Legislature and hundreds of names listed in the state book. I also mailed hundreds more to all the airlines and aviation safety organizations. I mailed one to the airport director telling him what I did and said that I was trying to help him so he could do his job better. That we need to get everyone everywhere to work on this problem as a team. I got fired and given a lifetime ban from state employment for making a false statement. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and now the State Ombudsman has been investigating it for 18 years. They said they are going as fast as they can on the investigation. I joined the NAACP and they picked up my case to the lieutenant governor and now Gov. Parnell.

We have given him hundreds of pages of human right violations. He has had the paper work for eight years now. I went to Gov. Parnell’s Choose Respect march last year in Palmer. I asked the governor how many more years does he need to get back with us on the Choose Respect case that I was fired for. He said that he would get back with me. That was last year and we still haven’t heard from him.

I sent Gov. Palin the newspaper articles. A couple of days later the airport director was sent packing.

This year I wore a pink T-shirt and purple hat saying “Captain Zero for Governor” at the governor’s picnic. His staff told me that I spelled Zorro wrong. I said, well, with all of your cut backs in education, I did the best I could.

So where is the governor on action for Choose Respect? He is a no show.


— John Suter


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