Fire Company gets coupons

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 23:00

From the Knik Arm Courier’s Sept. 20, 1967 issue:


The Chugiak Volunteer Fire Company has received help in securing a new fire truck from 5,000 miles away.

This week the Courier received a letter from Natalie Brooks who is visiting with her parents at Merrimac, Mass.

Mrs. Brooks noted a column on the woman’s page of the Boston Herald Traveler. One woman had written in saying she had 200 Betty Crocker coupons to give away to anyone who might be saving them for some particular purpose. Mrs. Brooks wrote in and told of the Chugiak Volunteer Fire Company’s drive to save enough coupons to get a new fire truck. The woman decided that among the 41 people who had written asking for the coupons, this was the most worthy cause and sent Mrs. Brooks the coupons. In addition, another woman reader of the column sent her another 49 coupons she had been saving.

The Fire Company will need over 4,000,000 coupons to get the fire truck, so any additional sources are most welcome. Mrs. Brooks thought that since the response in this case was so overwhelming, perhaps if other local residents could get word to their hometown papers of this drive, people from all over the other 49 states could be helping Chugiak get a new truck.


In 1963, the Knik Arm Courier published the following Fire Company statistics for the year 1962:


Fourteen fire calls were made, which included: seven homes, two house trailers, one dump fire, two vehicles and two pump house plus storage buildings.

The causes of the above are listed as: five electrical shorts; three faulty stoves; two arson; one smoking; one heating frozen water pipes with blow torch; one spontaneous combustion; and one unknown.

Total loss from the above 14 fires is estimated at $74,500.

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