Birchwood Bash, Sept. 24

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 23:00
Chugiak community council meeting

Friday before the Monday assembly public hearing, to protest the rezone to allow monofill: The Assembly public hearing is presently scheduled to take place Sept. 23. An Assembly Work Session is tentatively sked for the mid- to early afternoon on the Friday prior to the hearing.


The council discussed tactics to bring to the Assembly hearing to further strengthen its cause to protest the monofill rezoning.


A motion for the council to formally ask the Assembly to host a public hearing on the monofill (landfill) case out in Chugiak and held in the evening, to ensure that everyone will be able to testify.


This particular hearing is about the rezone aspect of the project,” MR said.


“We have been working on this for two years,” MR said. “It’s taken a lot of energy. It would be nice if they would accommodate us in some way.”


Cindy: Cell phone update


The trees in the area are higher and land is higher so that they have to go down the ravine which requires raising the top, she said.


Also are working on camouflaging the tower

Needed to do a report for the adjacent property

“We are going to take care of that matter and do a report,” she said, stating that they had hired a local appraiser.

Phase one report at the Sept. council meeting. Should have some pretty solid stuff for you,” she said.

If you think it looks good at that point, I’d like to see if I can get an approval for you,” she said.

It does take a lot of time, effort and money to get the report together, she added.


According to Cindy, complaints about coverage in the area pointed to a problem.


Two sides of the story: People who don’t want the cell phone tower in their backyard/neighborhood, yet others seek better cell phone coverage (dropped calls, etc.).


Revealed construction drawings.

Oct. 6: Planning and zoning commission


Chris Wilson of Chugach Mountain Bike Riders (CAMBR): lives in ER, interested in developing single track mountain bike trails in the area. We’re all a bit frustrated in getting in our cars to drive towards Anchorage or Palmer to find trails to rid eon,” he said.

Trying to reach out to the community members what we’re trying to do.

Attain a letter of support from local community councils that we can take with us to the Eagle River Parks & Rec board.


Single track mountain bike trails can be created and maintained by a small group of volunteers, and at a low cost, once they’ve been developed, he said.

Mirror Lake-Edmonds Lake area would be an ideal location.

5-7 miles designed use of single track mb trails. Trails considered a cross-country flow design and classified as a multi-use trail. Uses terrain’s natural environment. Beginner to intermediate trail design.


Presently looking for local stakeholder involvement, fund raising, grants, etc.


Looking to create a year-round trail. “Winter biking in general has become huge,” he said.

A conflict has been created (M bikers using mushing and ski trails).


Phase I: Educating and communicating, visualzing what these trails might look like, propose trail design

II: Meeting with ER Parks & Rec, pursue fundraising efforts

III: Acquire bids from local contractors, organize work parties and volunteers

He hopes to start breaking ground next spring.


Proposed design: Any design would not conflict with current ski trails.

Mbike trails designed for minimum crossings at the current ski trails. The few crossings do offer wide views from all direction to keep the conflict of collision at bay, he said. Signage will also be included, he said.

Cost mitigation:


Use professional trail builders build trails in eco-friendly manner


Team up with nonprofit organization


Trying to get Girl and Boy Scouts involved in the future


“What we need next is money,” he said with a laugh.


Erin: Recommend that the council support the project


Motion CCC strongly support the project concept: Passed unanimously.


Su Chon (Anchorage resident, going to school in Ohio): A mine occurring nearby that I feel greatly impacts our community, she said.


Forty miles west: Chultna mine would be the first mine in the US to go directly through a salmon stream, she said.

Spawning habitat for all five species of Pacific salmon. Non-Alaskan company, she said.


None of the coal is for AK’s energy needs, it’s all to be exported to Asia. Concerns of coal dust blowing our way. A man-made island would be constructed to hold the coal for shipment.


300 million tons of coal projected for 25 years, 12 million tons a year.

Strip over 32 square miles of the Chultna, Produce over 55 billion pounds of CO2 annually.

Almost every community in Alaska depends on salmon.

For every $1 generated, there is an estimated 3-6 loss in economic damages

State refuses to intervene at this time.

Over 7,000 petitions asking to deny permitting mining through AK streams

Final impact statement this winter: Best thing we can do right now is to sign petitions online

Need resolutions passed showing that we know what’s best for Alaska.



Amy suggested that the council may want to make suggestions for mitigation should this rezone move forward. Voted to oppose in May of last year we did not want to consider any sort of conditions to mitigate if this moves forward but she said we may want to think about that.


$4,018.26 balance (Deborah Jones) I think we’re in a pretty strong situation.


Federation of community council meeting (held the previous night): Garbage pick-up by Alaska Waste. There’s a legal notice in the paper they’re asking regulatory commission of AK for an increase. No longer want to have a rental fee for their cans and they want to mandate that you have them. Trying to increase approximately $5 a month in their fees.

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