Noise Brigade to launch cross-country tour

Thursday, March 19, 2015 - 14:12
Local pop punk group includes recent CHS grads
Noise Brigade plays its last Alaska show March 27 at the Anchorage Community Works in Anchorage before moving to Washington and launching a cross-country summer tour. Left to right: Doug Jones, Luc Atencio, Nick Vasquez, Nathan Nelson and Mikel Henry.

Chugiak High School graduate and Noise Brigade front man Mikel Henry said he and his bandmates are taking their pop punk show on the road. Their latest album, “Get Rich or Die Crying,” was released Feb. 17.

But Henry said the band’s not out for fame and glory.

“We’ve been wanting to make this jump for a while,” he said. “But we just haven’t had the funds to do it, or the timing wasn’t right. We’re finally making the jump down there, not to be a huge band, but just to make a living off what we do and what we love.”

Henry met guitarist Doug Jones, who also records and mixes the band’s albums, in high school when both attended CHS. The two jammed together and, around 2009, formed Noise Brigade with kids from other high schools. Current members are Henry, Jones, bassist Luc Atencio and guitarist Nathan Nelson from Bartlett, and drummer Nick Vazquez from Service. All are in their early 20s.

“What I do like about this band, is each of us takes it upon ourselves to take some of the weight when it comes to any kind of responsibility,” Henry said. “Nathan handles the merchandise and money, I handle a lot of booking and communications, Luc handles communications and press, Doug’s just cute.”

Atencio and Nelson are the parents of the Noise Brigade family, he added – they oversee everything and bicker a lot.

But overall, Noise Brigade is like a band of brothers, he said. Their music influences tend toward pop punk, ska and metal. Favorites include Blink 182, New Found Glory, The Wonder Years, and Less than Jake.

Noise Brigade’s first break came in 2012, when the band was recruited from a Battle of the Bands event to play on the west coast Warp Tour with Sublime with Rome. Last year, they played the first Alaska Warp Tour.

“The best part of the Warp Tour in Anchoarge,” Henry said, “was our set time was right after Less Than Jake’s. We got to stand on their stage next to Less Than Jake while they were playing. It was one of the best moments of my life. Doug and I were singing along to every song.”

Recently, Atencio said, Noise Brigade got an offer from a private individual who wants to launch a record label, manage the band and invest money in it. He said they’re still working out the details of what that business relationships might look like.

After a final Alaska show in late March, the band will move to Vancouver, WA.

“In the pop punk scene, the best way to be a successful band is to tour and play shows all across the states,” Henry said. “The only way you’re going to get your music heard is if you go out and play shows.”


Noise Brigade’s last Alaska show is Friday, March 27 at Anchorage Community Works in Anchorage (349 East Ship Creek Avenue ) at 7 p.m. Tickets $10 at the door. All ages show.

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