UAF Dean’s, Chancellor’s list revealed

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 11:31

The University of Alaska Fairbanks announces the students named to the deans’ and chancellor’s lists for the fall 2015 semester. The lists recognize students’ outstanding academic achievements.

Students receiving a 3.9 grade point average or higher are placed on the chancellor’s list, while those receiving a grade point average of between 3.5 and 3.89 are named to the dean’s list.


The following students from Eagle River made the Chancellor’s list:

Jalen M. Cox

Alyssa L. Dordan

Moriah M. Hunstiger

Cody D. Keith

Erin E. Kitchin

Arika A. Mercer

Gabrielle S. Mordini

Paulette T. Mordini

Jackson C. Page


The following student from Chugiak made the Chancellor’s list:

Lisa A. Cogen


The following students from Eagle River made the Dean’s list:

Thor A. Austin

Abigail M. Blackstone

Alexander G. Brown

Linnea H. Deisher

Dylan S. Denter

Dakota W. Emery

Jacob T. Klaameyer

Isaac J. Lammers

Jacob T. Mooty

Hannah R. Rowland

Connor H. Sperry

David B. Warner

Justin A. Schneider


The following students from Chugiak made the Dean’s list:

Kaylee A. Miltersen

Josselynn P. Schneider-Curry

Lydia A. Weiss

Parker A. Whaley      

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