Maddy's Run raises $17K

Proceeds top last year's event
Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 10:19

While most residents across Alaska were busy focusing on the 2016 election last week, a select group of devout individuals were participating in a race with a cause everyone could get behind.

On November 5th, Maddy’s Run held its second annual event, this time attracting more than 400 overall participants and raising more than $17,000 so far, exceeding what was raised from last year’s race.

Dana Johnson, the event coordinator, called the event a success.

There were 128 men and women competing in the 5k race held on the Eagle River High Schools cross-country trails. Winners were Jerome Ross, with a time of 17:48.3 and Adrianna Proffitt, with a time of 21:02.4.

In addition to those participating in the formal races, fun runs and run/walks were held for children of all ages, giving all those who knew Maddy a way to honor her legacy.

Proceeds from the event will be distributed to three Alaskan recipients: funds will go towards the brain surgery and treatment of 10-year-old Ashton Fischer from Eagle River, who is fighting Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma; 3-year-old Natilyyn Matos, who is facing leukemia and 12-year-old Brandon Cramer, who has had two major surgeries so far.

The story of Maddy’s Run

At the age of 9, Maddy Brandl was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor, and the surgery was initially considered a success. Unfortunately despite best efforts, in January of 2015 a new tumor had developed.

The Brandl family looked to chemotherapy as an option only to discover that Maddy’s cancer was uncommonly resistant. Without a way to combat the disease, the cancer then spread into Maddy’s bone marrow, deeming her case terminal. Maddy continued to fight however, and remained brave.

In November of 2015, Johnson proposed the idea of a run to relieve the financial strain the family was experiencing and to show support for a young Maddy. Johnson, a teacher at Homestead Elementary School in Eagle River, brought the communities of both Eagle River and Anchorage together to help this young girl in need.

Sadly, Maddy lost her 2-year battle with cancer at 11 years old. Before her passing, however, the Brandl family brought up the idea of continuing the race in Maddy’s honor, with all proceeds going to help children who were experiencing similar situations.

Given the chance for her cause to help others, Maddy loved the idea, and wished that it would become an annual event to positively affect those like her. In her selflessness and devotion, Maddy has provided something to children battling from cancer that would be otherwise impossible. 

And now planning is currently underway to make Maddy’s Run a permanent annual event. With the establishment of a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Maddy’s Run will officially become an organization aimed at helping children in need across Alaska.

Benjamin Currier is a freelance journalist and a poetry advocate. He can be reached at [email protected].

Maddy’s Run Results

5K, Eagle River High School trails


1) Jerome Ross, 17:48.3; 2) Nick Carl, 17:49.5; 3) Miles Dennis, 18:09.7; 4) Sebastian Szweda Mittelstadt, 18:55.5; 5) Charlie Latmer, 18:55.9; 6) Hyrum Nelson, 19:17.7;

7) Andrew Baalerud, 19:30.9; 8) J.T. Lindholm, 19:41.2; 9) Torsten Renner, 20:19.8;

10) Camden Ensign, 20:21.3; 11) Liam Baez-Terry, 20:52.4; 12) Brad Benter, 21:20.8;

13) Aiden Rogers, 21:43.5; 14) Jeff Rock, 22:07.0; 15) Alex Carl, 22:14.1;


1) Adrianna Proffitt, 0, 21:02.4; 2) Anya Zachry, 0, 21:51.5; 3) Grace Dunn, 0, 22:57.9; 4) Alyssa Hargis, 0, 23:19.9; 5) Susan Casey, 0, 23:50.7; 6) Skye Brabson, 0, 24:08.4; 7) Summer Frazier, 0, 24:22.1; 8) Kari Konrath-Bera, 0, 24:27.9; 9) Erin Newton, 0, 25:05.8; 10) Xinghua Turner, 0, 25:20.9; 11) Campbell Peterson, 0, 26:12.8; 12) Jaylee Brendel, 0, 26:23.2; 13) Stacy Summey, 0, 26:58.1; 14) Julie Ross, 0, 26:59.3; 15) Deanna Herning, 0, 27:04.4


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