Eagle River students step into a ‘Soled Out’ project

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - 12:50
  • From top left, Eagle River Elementary sixth grade art students Branden Wetzel, Cora Kallen, Meredith Whalen and from bottom row, Isaac Depoe and Grace Hardy pose with their shoe designs in the Eagle River Elementary library. (Photo by Michael Dinneen for the Star)

Shoes have many a meaning.

Cinderella’s slippers helped her find a handsome prince to marry. Another is to project a sense of personal style. Yet another is metaphorical, such as walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, an idea that promotes empathetic feelings.

In that regard, several students of Eagle River Elementary, along with Eagle River High School art students, are set to begin participating in a unique effort that combines philanthropy and art, the result of which will produce some 74 area children with artfully decorated shoes.

“Soled Out” is the vision of Eagle River High School librarian Amy Peters, who will be utilizing her library’s new MakerSpace as a lab to produce the shoes. Peters has dedicated the lab to service projects that benefit local recipients.

“I think that some of the kids that are receiving the shoes may never had had an new pair of shoes, much less ones that will look like these.”

Collaborating with Peters is Eagle River Elementary Librarian Elaine Dew, who recently brought three sixth grade student artists together to create a public service announcement promoting the effort, and to explain their artistic concepts which will soon transfer to the donated shoes.

Isaac Depoe: “My shoe design is made of my favorite three elements: Fire because it keeps us warm when we are camping, ice because we can ice skate and have fun on it and air because when I’m riding my bike downhill it blows through my hair.”

Cora Kallen: “My shoe is a flower power shoe, I got my inspiration because I wanted to do something bright and fun, and I instantly thought of flowers.”

Grace Hardy: “What inspired me to draw my Onomatopoeia Shoe is that knowing that someone is going to get my shoe, and think …. ‘wow!’”

According to Peters, the PSA will begin airing soon, and then the project will begin in earnest, with shoe painting to hopefully begin in January.

Those interested in purchasing a pair of shoes for the project should visit the following link: tinyurl.com/ERSoledOut If you order through the Amazon Smile portal, you can designate a charity to receive a portion of your purchase and you can still use your Prime Account. Set it up by visiting https://smile.amazon.com.

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