Albert Loop Trail closed until after freeze-up

Friday, August 18, 2017 - 13:06

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources has closed the Albert Loop Trail near the Eagle River Nature Center for the fall.

The annual fall closure has taken place since 1997. According to a DNR press release anouncing the closure, brown and black bears use the bridges and beavers dams to fish — making the trail a potentially treacherous place to be for humans.

Other trails near the center will remain open. The Albert Loop Trail will reopen after freeze-up.

Here’s the complete announement from DNR:

Albert Loop Trail at Eagle River Nature Center closed for season

(Anchorage, AK) – Spawning salmon have returned to waters at the Eagle River Nature Center and so have the bears that feed on them. As a result, Alaska State Parks closed the Albert Loop Trail and its vicinity as of yesterday (Thursday, Aug. 17). At this time of year, black and brown bears and their cubs use the bridges and beaver dams as fishing platforms and utilize adjacent brush and trees for cover.

This closure does not affect the Iditarod/Crow Pass trail, the Rodak Loop and viewing platforms, or the Dew Mound Trail. Reopening of the Albert Loop trail will be announced sometime after freeze-up when the majority of bears go into hibernation. The trail’s seasonal closures have occurred since 1997.

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