POLICE BRIEFS: Speeding truck eludes police, burglary reported at local business

Thursday, August 30, 2018 - 12:30

Items in the Police Briefs are taken from the Anchorage Police Department’s online crime mapping system. Details about individual events are provided by the department’s public information office. Defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

Speeding truck eludes police

On Aug. 25 at around 1:42 a.m., an APD officer reported seeing a truck driving “at a high rate of speed” on the Glenn Highway. Police said the officer tried to follow, but called off the pursuit after watching the truck speed off at the South Eagle River Exit and “blow through” a red light.

Business broken into

On Aug. 20 at around 7:44 a.m., police received a report that someone had broken into the Qwik Lube in Eagle River through a garage window and stole several items from inside.

Three arrested for impaired driving

On Aug. 21 at around 8:15 a.m., police were called by several people reporting a Chevy pickup swerving on the Glenn Highway. Police said they located the vehicle and arrested Kristy L. Glover, 50, of Wasilla for operating under the influence. Police said they suspected Glover was under the influence of prescription medication.

On Aug. 24 at around 11:30 a.m. police were called about a Mazda weaving in and out of traffic on the Glenn Highway. Police said they observed the vehicle drifting over the lane lines and pulled over driver Esric K. Haddock, 32, of Anchorage for operating under the influence and driving on a suspended license.

On Aug. 25 at around 9:54 p.m., police received a report of a white Ford Ranger swerving on the road near the intersection of South Birchwood Loop and the Old Glenn. Police said the Ranger eventually pulled into Tips Bar, at which point officer contacted driver Abby N. Tichenor, 36, of Eagle River and arrested her for felony operating under the influence for having three or more such arrests in 10 years.

Police respond to domestic violence calls

On Aug. 22 at around 10 p.m., police arrested Jesse W. Powell, 45, at a residence on Birchtree Street in Chugiak for domestic violence assault after he allegedly hit a family member in the head during an argument while he was intoxicated. Police said the victim declined medical attention.

On Aug. 23 at around 1 p.m., police were called to Park Place Street for a report of an altercation between a boyfriend and girlfriend. Police said the woman told them her boyfriend had assaulted her, but officers said there was no evidence of an assault and police did not charge anyone with a crime.

On Aug. 24 at around 3:50 p.m., police received a report of domestic violence on the Glenn Highway.

According to APD, a boyfriend and girlfriend got into a verbal fight while the woman was driving. Police said the woman reported her boyfriend, Carlos A. Rodriguez, 19, broke the rearview mirror and punched the passenger window while a child was in the backseat. Police said the woman told them she pulled over and Rodriguez got out and took her cell phone after she told him she was going to call police. Police arrested Rodriguez for fifth-degree criminal mischief, interfering with the report of a domestic violence crime and family violence.


Anchorage Police Department Chugiak-Eagle River area blotter items for Aug. 20-26:

Monday, Aug. 20

12:35 a.m. - Theft - Sanctuary Drive

2:03 a.m. - Burglary - Dee Lane

7:38 a.m. - Traffic violations - Glenn Highway

7:44 a.m. - Burglary - Brooks Loop

10:27 a.m. - DWLS - Glenn Highway

10:55 a.m. - Theft - Hesterberg Road

11:44 a.m. - Theft - Tulwar Drive

1:22 p.m. - Warrant - Fire Creek Trail/Old Glenn

2 p.m. - Theft - Harca Street

2:29 p.m. - Traffic collision - Chickaloon Street

6:30 p.m. - Theft - Golden Eagle Drive

7:40 p.m. - Vandalism - Ondola Circle

7:43 p.m. - Theft - Eagle River Road

Tuesday, Aug. 21

2 a.m. - Theft - Collett Drive

8 a.m. - Theft - North River

8:15 a.m. - DUI - Eklutna Village Road

8:26 a.m. - Drugs - S. Birchwood Loop

8:43 a.m. - Traffic violations - S. Juanita Loop

9:21 a.m. - Traffic violations - Breckenridge Drive

10:34 a.m. - Traffic violations - N. Eagle River Access

11:49 a.m. - Assault - Stewart Mountain Drive

11:53 a.m. - Traffic violations - Eklutna Village Road

1 p.m. - Traffic collision - Glenn Highway

Wednesday, Aug. 22

1:03 a.m. - Shoplifting - Eagle River Road

6:14 a.m. - Warrant - Glenn/Old Glenn

7:10 a.m. - Traffic violations - Songbird Road

9:34 a.m. - Traffic violations - Glacier View Drive

2:31 p.m. - Assault - Goodpaster Circle

10:01 p.m. - Assault - Birchtree Street

Thursday, Aug. 23

1:09 a.m. - Warrant - Kerbow Lane

1:07 p.m. - Assault - Park Place Street

Friday, Aug. 24

5:20 a.m. - Traffic collision - Artillery Road

6:54 a.m. - DWLS - North Eagle River

11:28 a.m. - DUI - Old Glenn

3:50 p.m. - Assault - Monastery/Old Glenn

4:54 p.m. - Fraud - Business Boulevard

6:18 p.m. - Warrant - Birchwood Spur

6:50 p.m. - Threats - Stewart Mountain Drive

8:32 p.m. - Traffic collision - Glacier Vista Street

9:04 p.m. - Traffic collision - Blue Skies Drive

10:38 p.m. - Warrant - Artillery Road

Saturday, Aug. 25

12:53 a.m. - Traffic collision - Birchwood Loop

1:42 a.m. - Eluding - Artillery Road

2:38 p.m. - Warrant - Hesterberg Road

4:58 p.m. - Disturbance - S. Juanita Loop

5:15 p.m. - Traffic collision - E. Eagle River Loop/Yosemite

8:14 p.m. - Traffic collision - Glenn Highway

9:54 p.m. - DUI - S. Birchwood/Old Glenn

10:25 p.m. - Traffic collision - Eklutna Village Road

Sunday, Aug. 26

7:53 a.m. - Traffic collision - Old Glenn

1:49 p.m. - Warrant - Birchwood Loop

2:41 p.m. - Traffic collision - Eagle River Road

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