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September Issue 4 2012

A lesson on living

When he was 72 years old, Dick Griffith spent 53 days walking and skiing 550 miles across the Arctic. When asked recently why he would risk extreme temperatures, polar bears, unstable sea ice and myriad other potential calamities that could befall such an expedition, the longtime Eagle River Nature Center volunteer and legendary adventurer just shrugged.

September Issue 3 2012

Just how far will that PFD check really go?

This is the day Alaskans crow about to their brethren in the Lower 48, trying to make them jealous that the government gives them money to just live here.

September Issue 2 2012

Are you prepared?

When this community was founded, rugged individuals had to wage daily battles for survival in a harsh, unforgiving land. Today, it doesn’t take much to remind us what life might have been like in those frontier times.

September Issue 2 2012

Book details more than just bin Laden raid

“No Easy Day: The Autobiography of a Navy SEAL” (Dutton), by Mark Owen with Kevin Maurer

September Issue 1 2012

State needs a gas utility

It’s not lack of demand for low-cost energy that has prevented Fairbanks from shifting to natural gas.

August Issue 5 2012

Let’s clean it up.

Now that the dust has settled on the 2012 statewide primaries, the winners can turn their attention from beating up on rivals from within their own parties to battling those from without. If the previous election season is any indication, it could be a bumpy ride.

August Issue 4 2012

Our dangerous waters

Two canoeists died [in Eagle River] after they ran up against something found in nearly every Alaska river: a log jam.

August Issue 3 2012

A debate to be proud of

As the Aug. 28 primary election approaches, it’s likely we’re going to hear more radio advertisements from the various candidates asking for our votes. We’re probably also going to see some television spots, and anyone who reads this paper (or any other, for that matter) knows there’s been plenty of political ads in print as well.

August Issue 2 2012

Outside trips hurt health care

As employers, insurance companies and consumers grapple with sky-high health care costs in Alaska, we’re hearing more people talk about what some might consider the nuclear option for institutions in Alaska — subsidizing travel costs to send more patients Outside for cheaper treatment.

August Issue 1 2012

Our own shooting star

Internet traffic in our neck of the woods is likely to spike early Saturday morning when homegrown hero Corey Cogdell goes for gold at the Olympic trap shooting competition in London.