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A day to remember May Issue 5 2012

A day to remember

It was great to see the large turnout on Memorial Day at the Fort Richardson National Cemetery, and heartwarming to see young children placing flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers. That we live in a country where honoring those veterans who gave their lives for others is truly a blessing.

May Issue 4 2012

We’re No. 3!

Sure, it’s just numbers and a ranking. Who cares that Alaska has fallen behind North Dakota on the list of states producing the most barrels of oil per day?

May Issue 3 2012

EDITORIAL: Safety first…finally

We applaud the recent decision by the municipality to close the Eklutna River Bridge.

May Issue 2 2012

A messsage to the graduates...

Graduation day for most of our area’s high school seniors is today. We would like to congratulate all of the seniors at Chugiak, Eagle River, Birchwood Christian and Eagle River Christian High Schools on your achievements, as well as any local seniors graduating for home-school programs or high schools elsewhere in Anchorage. Way to go!

May Issue 2 2012

Editorial: Thanks, Moms!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, one of the few holidays that can unite us all. Regardless of religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds, everyone’s got a mom. And even though we should each thank our mother every day, it’s nice that one day a year is reserved just for her.

April Issue 5 2012

We want to hear from you

For more than four decades, this paper’s sole mission has been to provide the Chugiak-Eagle River community with as much local news and information as possible. And with your help, we’d like to spend the next 40 years doing the same thing.

March Issue 5 2012

Step into the light

Well, if you hadn’t noticed all this new daylight, it’s a sure bet the recent Daylight Savings Time clock switch jolted you into a new world of evening sunshine.