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January Issue 3 2012

Bring on the folk

Eagle River’s Eric Braendel’s reason for playing in the Anchorage Folk Festival year after year is simple: It’s fun.

Olympic tough January Issue 3 2012

Olympic tough

What’s tough?

A night to remember January Issue 2 2012

A night to remember

Five or six decades can disappear awful fast.

A darn good cause January Issue 2 2012

A darn good cause

If there’s a post-Christmas sale, there’s a good chance Eagle River’s Sheri Boggs will be there.

Firefighter's family displaced by Peters Creek blaze January Issue 2 2012

Firefighter's family displaced by Peters Creek blaze

One of the longest days of Ian Murphy’s life began ordinarily enough...

Peters Creek fire leaves 7 homeless January Issue 1 2012

Peters Creek fire leaves 7 homeless

A house fire Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012 left seven people without a home after a blaze swept through the roof of their house on Deer Park Drive in Peters Creek.

A passion for dance January Issue 1 2012

A passion for dance

Janie Williams, the owner and director of the Stars Dance Studio, got up for the second time to shut the door as a gust of wind blew it open.

Message from the front January Issue 1 2012

Message from the front

Surrounded by hostile forces in a faraway land, Army Command Sgt. Major Terry Gardner spent Christmas singing with his troops.