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October Issue 4 2013

Family fun at Loretta French

My family and I rediscovered Loretta French Park in Chugiak. We had been there last winter for sledding. While there, my husband looked around, saw the lack of trees and power lines and thought to himself about the possibilities for more fun when the snow cleared.

Fighter jet squadron to stay at Eielson October Issue 2 2013

Fighter jet squadron to stay at Eielson

The U.S. Air Force is scrapping its plan to move a fighter jet squadron to Anchorage from Fairbanks, and will not put Eielson Air Force Base in part-time status, Alaska’s congressional delegation announced Wednesday, Oct. 2.

October Issue 2 2013

The trick to Halloween in Alaska

With Halloween just weeks away, it is time to get serious about costumes for my children. This year, I will actually plan the costumes around Alaska weather. It’s true that there are plenty of things we could do to get around the weather. There is Trick or Treat in the Heat that was held back in September. We could head indoors to the JBER hospital to trick-or-treat Friday, Oct.18 from 1-3 p.m., an activity open to all those able to get on post. However, nothing beats trick-or-treating with our neighbors in our neighborhood on Halloween.

October Issue 2 2013

Military families face uncertainty during government shutdown

Katherine Kosterman, a military wife and mother of four, doesn’t know whether her husband’s mid-month paycheck will arrive. On Monday, Oct. 7, she hung out with a friend at Jitters coffee shop in Eagle River, and the worry showed on her face.

Dad, is that you? October Issue 1 2013

Dad, is that you?

A man dressed in fatigues is nothing new at Orion Elementary School on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. That’s why it took Nolan Campbell a few seconds to realize what was happening when his father walked into his fifth-grade classroom.

Army rights longstanding wrong September Issue 4 2013

Army rights longstanding wrong

It took nearly seven decades, but the Army finally recognized Arthur Owens for his bravery during World War II. More than 68 years after Owens saved two injured soldiers from a tank under heavy fire, he was awarded seven medals including the Silver Star and Purple Heart on Sept. 19 at the National Guard Armory on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

September Issue 4 2013

Preparing for fall — and winter

I think it’s time to let go of summer. We experienced below-freezing temperatures last week. Plus, Sunday, Sept. 22, was the autumnal equinox. I have to face the facts — it’s fall. My husband has this week off. He is finishing off the last of his “use or lose” leave before the fiscal year ends and he loses it.

Turning up the heat on JBER September Issue 4 2013

Turning up the heat on JBER

Airmen from the 773d Civil Engineer Squadron are preparing for the coming winter months by readying heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment (HVAC). A change in weather patterns can occur rapidly, making HVAC operations critical to mission accomplishment. During this time, civil engineers will be out and about ensuring HVAC systems are adequately prepared for full-time operations.

Windshield forces Columbians down September Issue 1 2013

Windshield forces Columbians down

Crack! A deep, white spider web leapt across the windshield. The low rumble of engines on a Colombian Air Force aircraft was interrupted by the splintering sound of fractured glass. The pilots exchanged glances, checked safety lights, monitored their position and barked commands. Cabin pressure read normal, but the entire glass pane was split from end to end. It would be difficult to see, let alone safely fly. The aircraft had to descend. The plane radioed the control tower.

August Issue 5 2013

Fair again proves fantastic

The Alaska State Fair in Palmer is one of my favorite events of the year. I heard about the fair before we moved here, particularly the rumors of giant cabbages. Since arriving in Alaska we have attended every year.