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April Issue 4 2013

Impact zone

On a recent list compiled of two hundred forty cities in the United States with a population of 100,000 or more, New York City ranked 222nd in crime, falling into the same category as small towns in California and Florida. Crime in New York City started to fall in the 1990s, but has continued to fall since that time, even though the city of often stereotyped as being a city of rampant crime. Those looking at the trend have concluded that the reason for the dramatic change was due to the impact zones created by the New York City Police Department. The department would double the number of officers in neighborhoods where crimes were being committed and the crime rate would start to drop almost immediately. There were three reasons: prevention (anticipation), resolution (solved) and relocation (displacement).

Bowl-a-Thon for a purpose April Issue 3 2013

Bowl-a-Thon for a purpose

In Eagle River this March, over a hundred local people had a great time — bowling for a purpose! The local affiliate of “Love In the Name of Christ” is comprised of 19 local Christian churches who are dedicated to providing real love and help to our neighbors in need. We take serious our Lord Jesus Christ’s commandment: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Here’s just a few examples, before we get back to the great bowling event.

April Issue 2 2013

The Right Moves

Every move we make in life opens up both perils and possibilities. There are numerous potentialities and problems with each step we take and very often they come in the same parcel.

April Issue 1 2013

Time Covered

We become fearful about what is coming next in life when we are not sure about the values that brought us to our present moment. Eternity, however it might be considered, occurs one day at a time. The great issues of past, present and future have already been taken care of so it is left to us to live well in relation to those events. Those espousing the methods of the Bible should have a greater awareness of time and what the present moment might have to offer in the way of opportunity. Hudson Taylor said, “If your father, mother, sister and brother, even if your dog and cat are not better off for you’re being a Christian, it is questionable that you are.”

March Issue 3 2013

Faith walk this Good Friday, again

Last year on Good Friday, a group of Chugiak-Eagle River Christian churches (through Love INC. of Eagle River) celebrated together a traditional prayer service called the “Stations of the Cross.” This year, the “Stations” will be held at the River of Life Lutheran Church, located in Chugiak at 21301 Voyles Blvd. “Faith Walkers” can start their stops at the stations beginning at 5 p.m. on March 29 (Good Friday).

March Issue 2 2013

Does your life add up?

Recent studies have shown that from birth the human brain has a number sense. There seems to be a type of cerebral substrate that deal with numbers and their relations. Dealing with numbers is as natural to a human being as echolocation is to a bat or singing a song is to a songbird. Mathematics and what exactly it is has been a debate that has gone on for a very long time. It could be described as taking contrasting values and reconciling them to a singular function. Unfortunately, many people suffer through lives that do not seem to add up. However, if we can be honest about whether our lives do add up or not, things can start to get better immediately.

March Issue 1 2013

Christian Values

People’s values are those truths that they live by. They usually consist of what a person considers right or wrong. Most laws of the land have a great deal to do with how the majority of people in any society live. These laws and truths may or may not be derived from the standards that God has set for all men. They may be morally wrong in the sight of God. It is the responsibility of all that live within that society to follow the code of conduct set by those that govern the land. It is the responsibility of the Christian to follow all the laws of God. For the Christian the moral truths that all believers should live by are the precepts and commandments of God. When the laws of man conflict with the laws of God the follower of Christ has the dilemma of not breaking civil law and not breaking the law of God. It is our duty to walk in a higher moral standard than civil law states. It is our call to walk in peace with all men wherever possible. However, God’s commandments and precepts outweigh the laws of man.

February Issue 4 2013

Be a Top Performer

Knowing what you know, or what researchers call metacognition, is a key to top performance. Many people operate somewhere in the two extremes of thinking they know a lot when they don’t or thinking that they only know a little. The problem with many people is that they are not committed to knowing or searching for answers. People that are not afraid of such a search or of being committed to the answers they find almost always do well. The difference is being committed to knowing, meaning that you are committed to finding out. However, you also have to be committed to doing, after you know.

February Issue 3 2013

Celebrating Black History

Another year has passed, and again, we have the opportunity to celebrate Black History Month with a goal of helping more people realize that anyone, no matter what color or ethnicity, can make important contributions to our society and should be recognized as a contributor. Seemingly U.S. history has dictated a void for the contributions of black Americans by either eliminating completely their achievements or crediting the deeds to persons who are or were not “persons of color.”