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Soldiers welcomed home July Issue 5 2015

Soldiers welcomed home

Approximately 350 Soldiers from the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division were honored in a redeployment ceremony at Buckner Physical Fitness Center July 10.

Matanuska Peak’s slopes require patience, focus July Issue 5 2015

Matanuska Peak’s slopes require patience, focus

Rocks — we had entered a kingdom of rocks. Rocks the size of washing machines, some as big as microwave ovens; and tucked in between, boulders the size of basketballs. As we slowly moved upward, we encountered rocks with unending surprises. Every so often, without warning and at the slightest touch, they wanted to move — eager to yield to gravity.

Unbreakable July Issue 5 2015


When Daquiri Wright walks down the runway at the 2015 Simply Creative Wearable Art Show this Friday, her walk will be the one that epitomizes the event’s goal of raising awareness and acceptance of people with disabilities.

Alaskan farmers face hurdles to USDA organic stamp July Issue 5 2015

Alaskan farmers face hurdles to USDA organic stamp

On the surface, organic seems like a fairly simple thing to define: it’s food grown without the use of non-organic pesticides and fertilizers, right? Well, not quite. In reality, the definition used by the bulk of the gardening public is nowhere near how government agencies define it when it comes to getting certification.

July Issue 4 2015

Roommate, newspaper delivery worker assist gunshot victim

Anchorage police say they responded within four minutes to a call in the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 15, that a man had found his roommate with a gunshot wound to his face and head in downtown Eagle River, not far from their apartment.

July Issue 4 2015

Walker expands Medicaid without Legislature

There were hugs and high-fives between Gov. Bill Walker and members of his administration as he announced the State of Alaska would accept funding to expand Medicaid via executive authority.

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