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Bee Whisperer July Issue 4 2015

Bee Whisperer

Those in the know, or perhaps one might more appropriately say, “the buzz,” of the beekeeping world call him, “the bee whisperer.” Typically, Joe Dunham of Eagle River doesn’t bother to don a protective suit, hat, veil or even gloves when working around the 150 hives he has at five locations in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley.

July Issue 4 2015

Chugiak home a total loss in house fire

A Chugiak home was decimated by a house fire on the evening of Sunday, July 19, after firefighters worked to lay 3,000 feet of water hose up the switchbacks of a narrow dirt road leading up to the house at the end of Upper Fish Hatchery Road.

July Issue 4 2015

Roommate, newspaper delivery worker assist gunshot victim

Anchorage police say they responded within four minutes to a call in the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 15, that a man had found his roommate with a gunshot wound to his face and head in downtown Eagle River, not far from their apartment.

July Issue 4 2015

Walker expands Medicaid without Legislature

There were hugs and high-fives between Gov. Bill Walker and members of his administration as he announced the State of Alaska would accept funding to expand Medicaid via executive authority.

Cannabis husbandry an intensive process July Issue 3 2015

Cannabis husbandry an intensive process

If you want your cannabis plant to successfully produce, you cannot treat it as you would any other house plant. Growing cannabis is an intensive process, Jessica Jansen said. The Eagle River resident should know. She’s grown her own cannabis for medical purposes for a few years. The marijuana produced by her six plants of different strains ease her sleeping troubles and her anxiety, she said.

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