Archive of: Weekly Ed Opinions



October Issue 4 2014

Vote no on Proposition No. 1 and repeal AO 37

Anchorage voters have the opportunity to repeal AO 37 during the Nov. 4 election by voting no on Municipal Proposition No. 1. As Anchorage’s former police and fire chiefs, we strongly urge you to vote no.

October Issue 4 2014

Let the madness be done

Less than two weeks and the torture can end. I am so over political campaign ads. I have had to give up watching the news broadcasts because I cannot take the political ads. If only I could give up talk radio as easily. Even my Facebook feed is sprinkled with ads telling me how my vote should go on November 4.

October Issue 3 2014

Marijuana doesn’t cause problems—substance abuse does

I grew up in rural Alaska, surrounded by drugs and alcohol. I didn’t come from a troubled home or a broken community. Still, growing up in Eagle and Cordova, I encountered drugs and alcohol like many Alaskans do — frequently.

October Issue 2 2014

Let’s hear it for Legos

My family loves Legos. This is noticeable as soon as you walk through the front door of our house. Our sunroom has been dubbed the Lego room. When we first moved in the house the Legos fit nicely in a corner. That was before I decided that Legos were the perfect toy. Instead of buying lots of different toys to clutter up our home I concentrated on just adding to the Lego collection.

October Issue 1 2014

Running from time

Wow, this autumn weather has been too good to be true. It will be over soon, I know, but until then I plan on soaking up every last minute of short-sleeve weather. The idea of burdening my shoulders with a bulky down coat is disheartening. Winter carries its own special beauty, but I prefer my beauty a little bit warmer.

September Issue 4 2014

Impacting the community, one person at a time

I am looking forward to this coming Saturday, for Sept. 27 is Impact Eagle River. The church I attend here, Alliance Christian Fellowship, believes that church isn’t just for the regular attendees. Instead this church believes that followers should be having an “impact” on the community. Impact Eagle River is a day where the people of the church go out and do projects in the surrounding area.

September Issue 3 2014

Changes, and scary sad news

Many of you have realized that the Star office over by Jitters has been frequently empty. That’s mainly due to business decisions by the former publisher, who believed that moving the Eagle River office over to Anchorage, with the rest of the Morris Media family, made economic sense.

September Issue 2 2014

Legalized marijuana will not stop drug cartels

Recent reports from Colorado law enforcement indicate that the legalization of marijuana has not reduced illicit sales on the black market there as proponents had predicted. In particular, black market dealers continue to sell to youth, and Lieutenant Mark Comte of the Colorado Springs Police Department vice and narcotics unit reported to the Associated Press that marijuana legalization has “done nothing more than enhance the opportunity for the black market.” The Alaska Association of Chiefs of Police (AACOP) is concerned that Alaskans are being misled about the potential impacts legalized marijuana would have on law enforcement, public safety and the street market in Alaska. “Proponents have argued that legalizing marijuana will take profits away from the black market and put that money into the pockets of the state, but we anticipate that street sales will continue to thrive,” said Kalie Klaysmat, executive director of the Alaskan Association of Chiefs of Police (ACCOP). “In fact, in many ways, legalization would help street dealers do their business because by avoiding the taxes imposed on legal sales they could increase their profit while still undercutting legitimate prices.”

September Issue 2 2014

Bonding with Sergei Khrushchev

This spring my in-laws visited for four weeks. The birth of their second granddaughter was supposed to be the grand finale, but instead happened less than 48 hours after their arrival. What we were to do with the rest of their visit?