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July Issue 4 2015

Thanks, Small Engine Repair

April Issue 5 2015

Photo coverage shows bias against Gruening

We, the Gruening Middle School track team, noticed in the April 16 issue of the Chugiak-Eagle River Star, that there were no photos of Gruening athletes. Although Gruening Middle School lost to Mirror Lake, we are still half the middle school population of Eagle River and Chugiak. Of the four photos you included in your newspaper, none of them are of us. Even the front page showed a Mirror Lake hurdler who placed second to one of our faster hurdlers! We worked just as hard as our across-town rival. We deserve to be noticed too.

April Issue 5 2015

Demboski will keep streets ‘clean’ of homeless people

As a transplant born in Anchorage, I first moved to Eagle River in 1974. We have worked hard to keep the homeless inebriates and other riff-raff off our streets and back in the big city where they belong; we have reason to be proud of our efforts. I support Amy (Demboski) for mayor, for if we get a liberal mayor the population we have worked so hard to keep off our streets could come flooding back in and ruin all our hard work.

April Issue 1 2015

Vote for Demboski, Snelling on April 7

Birchwood, Chugiak, Eagle River and Peters Creek have an opportunity to make history on Tuesday, April 7. Amy Demboski and Elisa Snelling are both local residents who are on the ballot. Amy graduated from Chugiak High School and UAA. Locally, she has served as the president of the Chugiak Community Council, and volunteered with the Sleeping Lady Lions. But her experience goes much further. Amy has chaired the Municipal Budget Advisory Committee, and served on the Parks and Rec board and the Judicial Conduct Commission.

March Issue 2 2015

Social media root of anti-social behaviors

Social media has become a major source of communication in our society. Human interaction has dramatically changed since the birth of sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and numerous others. We have gone from actual friendships and speaking, to gaining friends or “likes” so it can appear as if we have a great social life. This breeds drama and devolves our interaction with each other into “likes”. In coffee shops, you will sometimes see two friends spending time together, but they both spend half the time with their attention fixed on the screens of their devices to check tweets, status updates, or snapchats. The impact social media is having on our society is far too great to ignore. It is destroying our youth’s ability to participate in a conversation without the shield of technology.

February Issue 1 2015


Did you know that the Chugiak Fire Department put in over 45,000 volunteer hours of service to our community last year? They responded to 958 calls for help, an increase of about 8 percent over the number of calls they had in 2013.

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