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October Issue 2 2014

Thanks for the love

The family of Linda Anne-Martz Bower would like to thank everyone for the love and support shown to us during the sudden loss of our precious daughter.

October Issue 2 2014

Senate Seat F candidate

“Building your trust one handshake at a time!” Pat Chesbro, candidate for Senate Seat F, believes this is what is missing between the current legislature and those they represent.

October Issue 2 2014

Thanks for the food donations

As I read the Star the last couple of months, it is obvious that this is a special community. From all of the volunteers at the Chugiak-Eagle River Food Pantry, we would like to thank the community for the large out pouring of kindness in helping us feed those who need a little extra.

October Issue 1 2014

A very enthusiastic thank you

Wow! Thank you, MEA, for your donation to Love INC of Eagle River so that we can serve our local ‘neighbors in need’— whether it be the 308 low-income families that we provided with Thanksgiving meals, the 310 children provided school supplies in our ‘Backpack Giveaway,’ the homeless people for whom we help find housing or the families needing help with rent and other crises.

September Issue 4 2014

Thanks for improving visibility

A big thank you to Mark Littlefield Chugiak Birchwood Eagle River Rural Road Service Area Superintendent for responding to my request to improve visibility to the left at the intersection of Regency and Business Blvd by Credit Union 1.

September Issue 3 2014

Sullivan’s got my vote

There is a lot of mud slinging going on so when trying to decide who to vote for, for US Senate, I’d like to get my facts and information from the candidates themselves. However I find it challenging to have the opportunity to approach the candidate.

September Issue 3 2014

Captain Zero for governor

Now that the election is over, the oil companies change their mind and decide not to increase oil production. Kudos to Captain Zero for not asking the oil companies to give back the state’s money. The dividend checks were set up to help Alaskans pay their bills. Captain Zero knows that the millionaires and billionaires of the lower 48 who own oil stocks in the oil companies here that are getting the states free billions of dollars have bills to pay as well. The rich and powerful need the state’s billions of dollars more than we do. Like Captain Zero says, there is nothing more important in the world than the state helping the wealthy get wealthier.

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