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Money for smarts, and more November Issue 4 2014

Money for smarts, and more

Imagine getting money for passing tests, and not just a couple of dollars but a couple hundred of dollars. Sound far-fetched? Not to the Eagle River High School students who recently received chec

The Hills were singing November Issue 4 2014

The Hills were singing

More than 130 girls, adult volunteers and community leaders turned out for the grand opening of Camp Singing Hills, a Girl Scouts of Alaska owned property in Chugiak Nov. 16. Speakers included Sen. Anna Fairclough, Senator-elect Bill Stoltze, Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Jane Angvik, Camp Singing Hills capital campaign chair.

Veterans Day events offer a chance to reminisce November Issue 3 2014

Veterans Day events offer a chance to reminisce

My father fought in the Korean War. Growing up, my sisters and I would sometimes play with his medals, encased in a small box lined in blue velvet. We were forbidden to play with these and so we treated them with reverence. We were too young to understand their solemn importance, we only knew that they were heavier than they looked, and that when we held them in our hands the medal warmed to the touch.

Polar inversion warms Southcentral Alaska November Issue 3 2014

Polar inversion warms Southcentral Alaska

Eagle River resident Andrew North is waiting for snow. “It’s very strange,” he said of the unusually warm, low-precipitation winter Southcentral Alaska’s been having. “I normally would appreciate if there was snow down. That means there’s more activities to do outside.”

Watch out, it’s influenza season November Issue 3 2014

Watch out, it’s influenza season

It’s going around. If you caught it – or perhaps more accurately – if it caught you, you certainly know the misery it brings: Fever, coughing, sneezing, stuffed and dripping noses, nausea, tiredness and just that insatiable feeling of general yuck are some of the symptoms.

The faces of the “bazaar” November Issue 2 2014

The faces of the “bazaar”

The Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center was rocking out the holiday cheer last Saturday during its annual Holiday Bazaar. The parking lot was packed, and inside the center folks browsed from vendor to vendor, enjoying everything from handmade jewelry to scarves to candles to hair accessories and wood art and hats and books and, well, just about anything one might want to purchase as holiday gifts.

Refrigerators, microwaves and countertops, oh my! November Issue 1 2014

Refrigerators, microwaves and countertops, oh my!

A new refrigerator might not seem like something to get excited about. Couple it with a new microwave, new counters and, well, a brand spanking new kitchen, and people begin cheering. At least, the kids at the Eagle River Boys & Girls Club.

November Issue 1 2014

Volunteers Assist Police in Eagle River Patrol

Bright Beginnings has experienced a couple of thefts this week. The thieves are targeting cars left running while the parents dropped their kids off in the morning. Sounds like some purses were grabbed. Happened over multiple days.

November Issue 1 2014

Marijuana is in, Stoltze moves up and locals retain their spots

It looks as if marijuana will soon be legal in the state of Alaska. According to Tuesday’s unofficial election results, Ballot Measure 2 won out by a slim margin, with 52.15 percent of voters supporting the measure and 47.85 percent voting against marijuana legalization.

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