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Orange refrigerator cookies March Issue 5 2012

Orange refrigerator cookies

Meat and biscuit roll-ups March Issue 2 2012

Meat and biscuit roll-ups

Salmon Newburg March Issue 1 2012

Salmon Newburg

Duchess Cream February Issue 3 2012

Duchess Cream

Our recipe this week is from Betty Pyles, who established a homesite in Birchwood with her husband, Max, in 1955.

School lunch menu, Nov. 7, 1962 February Issue 2 2012

School lunch menu, Nov. 7, 1962

No Meat, No Problem February Issue 1 2012

No Meat, No Problem

If you think giving up meat to become either vegan or vegetarian will destroy your chances of eating out —think again. This monthly column explores the vegetarian and vegan opportunities in Eagle River and Anchorage area restaurants. It will also look at other healthy options available in area restaurants like whole grains and low fat.