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January Issue 1 2013

Support the Eva Foundation

While this is the Lions Corner, as we move into the New Year, I would like to introduce you to a non-profit of a different kind that serves our community for an unfortunate need.

December Issue 4 2012

Ringing in the new year, Lions serve year round

A few days ago it was Christmas morning. For many people, excitement and smells of a holiday feast filled the air. Gifts were nestled under the tree wrapped in brightly colored apaper and bows. Children were wide-eyed in awe of what was inside the box that had their name on it. Dazzling lights and sounds of jingle bells provided a backdrop to this much anticipated moment. It was a time for family and friends to come together, exchange gifts, feast, and for many to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

December Issue 3 2012

A Christmas wish comes true

Soon children across Alaska will wake up on Christmas morning to the cold and snow with anticipation in their eyes of that special wish. For some, there won’t be a Christmas present under the tree — or even food. The majority of our community knows that feeling on Christmas morning of walking down the stairs to find a special gift under the tree. However, some families across Chugiak-Eagle River just can’t afford to do that right now. Sometimes there is just not enough money to cover daily living expenses —even for people who are working.

December Issue 2 2012

A Story of the Bear Mountain Leos

It’s 3:55 p.m., and breathing in, you open the door entering the Sleepy Dog Café. In the very back you see your friends sitting in a circle, drinking coffee and energy drinks, having a laugh, talking about current events — by that I mean the latest gossip. You sit next to Logan and Grace. Jennica is on the other side, Tristan and Ty are in the corner, Emiline and everyone else is in front. You reach for your drink, rich coffee runs down your throat and with a burst of energy you’re ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

December Issue 2 2012

Spreading Christmas Cheer

From Palmer to Eagle River and beyond, Chugiak Lions, Eagle River Elks, Eagle River Lions, Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions and the Palmer Lions bring that cheer to our families. They help bring a little bit of happiness into families of those in need.

December Issue 1 2012

Lions busy over the holidays

Local Lions are busy this holiday season with a number of special projects, including: Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions “Tree of Giving”: Pick up a tag(s) at one of the Tree of Giving trees located at Walmart, Fred Meyer, First National Bank, Eagle River Bowl, Credit Union One and Mat-Valley Credit Union, shop for the gift and then return the unwrapped package with the tag attached to the tree by Dec. 17. Gifts will be distributed Dec. 22 at Eagle River Lions Club House. Chairperson: Carolyn Washburn at 694-3966.

November Issue 5 2012

Tree of Giving

It’s that time of year to be joyous in the Winter Wonderland of Chugiak-Eagle River. Enjoy the fun of bringing your family to Town Square for the annual Winter Wonderland Walk where you will be part of the tree lighting, meet with Santa and his reindeer, sing a Christmas song.

November Issue 4 2012

Tree of Giving

It is that time of year to be joyous in the Winter Wonderland of Chugiak-Eagle River. It is time to enjoy the fun of bringing your family to Town Square for the annual Winter Wonderland Walk where you can be a part of the tree lighting, meet with Santa and his reindeer and sing Christmas songs. It is time to be a part of the Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions Tree of Giving kick off. Local children will have stars in their eyes as they anticipated the arrival of Santa and his reindeer. Many children will be hoping to have a chance to give Santa their Christmas wishes, or touch a reindeer. Unfortunately, for many, the reality of Christmas is not attainable as they need to pay that electric, or heating bill instead of purchasing a gift for their children.

November Issue 3 2012

Thank to all our U.S. Military Service Members

The Eagle River Community Lions Club’s appreciates all U.S. military service members on this Veterans Day and thanks them all!

November Issue 3 2012

Elks Helping Our Veterans

In the year 1867, a group of entertainers in New York City were looking for a place to socialize and enjoy the camaraderie of each other’s company and common interests. Less than six months later the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks was born and quickly added charitable works to their fraternal foundation.

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